Arivaa is a series of projects meant to solve real-life development problems. It does so by providing a set of UI Components and some architectures meant to solve common problems during development so that a developer can focus on the application specific login, and cull out extraneous elements. Arivaa is not meant to be restricted to a generalised framework. Instead, Projects will be added under Arivaa in the future, which will cut across various verticles like E-Commerce, the Food Industry, Travel etc. to solve specific practical issues. We are starting out with a simple starter project named Arivaa Basic which has basic features and a end to end architecture that is needed for any production scale mobile application.


  • To reduce the cost of real-life apps. For example, if you want to develop an E-commerce for a start-up, the expense to use a market framework to create the app should not be in thousands. Rather, you should spend just a basic amount so that 70-80 % of the app is available with only 20% expenditure.
  • To solve the basic problems for developers. This saves time, which would otherwise be wasted in reinventing the same wheel from scratch for every new application. For example, if Opening a Modal is a common tendency in any mobile app, then there is no requirement to write separate screens to be opened for the normal as well as the modal. The two should be easily accessed by the same view.
  • To make apps ready for production from the get-go. Thus, this will provide a much faster head start, as compared to starting from the bottom and spending time and effort to make it ready for production.

How will these goals by accomplished by Arivaa?

  • By providing practical UX centric components
  • The components are organised according to business scenarios rather than general behaviour
  • Defining an architecture that centres around configuration i.e Configuration over Convention
  • Each code vertical will be separated. For example, styles will be separate from view, despite the usage of React.

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Last modified 4yr ago