Project Structure and Organization

Last updated 11 months ago

This project structure was generated by default using Expo. It has been altered according to our beliefs, which are garnered towards the developers of today.

  • assets - Contains all the assets for the application

  • js - Contains all the application code organized into different folders such as components, containers, redux etc

    • core - Contains the core component, or styles that can be reused across any application.

    • components - Contains all the Reusable React Native components that are specific to this application.

    • containers - Contains all the redux integrated containers.

    • redux - Contains all the actions, reducers and the Redux configuration.

    • routing - Contains all the routing architecture across the application.

    • setup - Contains the initial setup related code

    • utils - Contains the common utility code used across the app.

  • App.js - Main entry point of the application

  • app.json - Configuration file for editing Expo related configuration.

  • - A simple bash script which commits the code to master branch. Edit it to change the branch.

  • package.json - Dependencies

Note - All the code components or folders that can be reused across any application (apart from this one) have a package.json included. This has all the packages that the folder is dependent on.