The purpose of this component is to provide a hyperlink kind of functionality via a component. This component is only compatible with React-Navigation, and navigates across applications just via the screen name. You can either pass children to this component or simple provide a text property which will use that text to create a link .
Since this component uses Touchable Highlight to provide onPress behaviour, Don't use Touchable Highlight in the children.


<Link link="editProfile"
style={[styles.button, styles.editBtn]}
textStyle={[styles.buttonText, styles.editText]}>
<Text><Icon type="ionicons" name='md-create' style={[styles.editIcon]}/> Edit</Text>

Supported Properties

link defines the name of screen which is defined in the React Navigation setup in js/routing folder.


If text property is used, This property is used to customize styling of the text.


Style for the TouchableHighlight created by link.


onPress callback which is called onPress.