Social Sign In

This component is supports sign-in via different types of social providers such as Facebook and Google. At this point, only Facebook and Google are supported.


clientId = {Environment.FACEBOOK.appId}
scopes = {
type = "facebook"
triggerElement = {
<Button text="Connect With Facebook" style={[styles.button, styles.facebookBtn]}
onSuccess = {(result)=>{this.handleSocialSignIn("facebook",result)}}
onError = {(error)=>{this.handleSocialSignInError("facebook",error )}}

Supported Properties

clientId - client Id for the social provider
scopes - scope of the access required
type - type of social provider (Only Facebook and Google are supported as of now)
triggerElement - Trigger Element to trigger the authentication. It should support onPress or onClick property which will be executed as a callback.
onSuccess - on successful authentication
onError - on error in authentication