What is Arivaa Ecommerce?

A perfect UI kit for e-commerce apps powered by React Native,Expo and Antd design. Being modular,well structured and fully responsive, It provides fully customizable pages along-with a rich collection of UI elements specifically made for your next ecommerce project.
Arivaa Ecommerce is a very elegantly designed and being a very flexible React Native theme, it makes an ideal UI framework for developing high-quality and well designed ecommerce apps that can perform and scale in real world business scenarios. It has a very customisable and configurable architecture that allows you to extend its functionality with inbuilt UI Components according to your needs. Its data management is powered by Redux and is performance optimized thus helping you to develop world-class application experiences on React native platform thus keeps the quality bar high.


Modular, Clean and Layered Code
We can assure you that as a developer you will be easily able to distinguish the business logic from presentation in every component.
Ready to Use Screens
Fully customizable pages with everything you need
  • SignUp/Login
  • Login with Google, Facebook
  • Forgot Password and Reset Password
  • OTP Verification
  • Notifications
  • Multiple Home Page Layouts
  • Multiple Grid layouts to choose from for showing products,categories.
  • Promos
  • Banners
  • Filters
  • Profile Page
  • Products
  • Product Information Page
  • Product Search
  • Settings
  • Order Details
  • Order History
  • Multiple Payment Pages enabling you to choose from a variety of payment options
Mock Backend
Mock backend for authentication and register flow.
Powered by Antd Design
If you miss any components missing, You can find it from Antd design since we support it fully. So all components provided by Antd design are automatically provided by Arivaa ECommerce.
Routing along with Fluild and Elegant Navigation
We used react navigation to create a great routing architecture which is configurable via a single file and is flexible enough to support any real world scenario such as role based authorization, access control for routes and what not.
Responsive Design
It looks great on any device. Be it iOS or Android.